Transtate offers refurbished heart cath equipment

As cardiac heart cath testing equipment ages, hospitals and clinics must find cost-effective means of replacing or repairing cath/angio systems. Transtate offers a huge selection of refurbished cath/angio systems with models including:

  • GE Innova 2000, 2100, 3100, and 4100 models
  • Philips Allura Xper FD 10, and FD 20 models
  • Siemens Axiom models

Transtate offers the latest refurbished digital flat detector technology cath / angio systems, which provide superior imaging resolution with reduced x-ray exposure, along with professionally trained support services.

A refurbished heart cath from Transtate

In the rising costs of healthcare today buying new cath/angio equipment can cost well over one million dollars. By contrast, Transtate provides state-of-the-art refurbished medical equipment and services at significantly lower prices. As medical facilities and hospitals face increasing challenges when it comes to budgets and reimbursement changes, Transtate offers a fantastic value alternative.

If you have any further questions, a member of the Transtate team will be happy to answer them. Contact us at 704-332-4552 or fill out our online contact form found on our website:


Cath system repair from Transtate Online

Transtate is a long-established provider of refurbished cath/angio and X-Ray equipment. We also offer on-site repair services across the USA, as well as a huge inventory of replacement parts.

Our service team has a record that’s nothing short of outstanding. We have professionally trained engineers strategically located, to be there when you need help. Each and every one of our experts is equipped with the knowledge to handle even the trickiest of technical problems.

We have thousands of cath and angio replacement parts available in our inventory, significantly lower priced than the OEMs can offer.   Additionally, our labor rates are less than one-half that of the OEMs.

What does Transtate cath system services provide?

Transtate cath system servicing includes:

  • OEM spare parts at discount rates
  • Refurbished cath / angio systems
  • Repair services
  • Equipment relocation
  • Installation of equipment
  • De-installation of equipment
  • Preventative maintenance
  • FDA-approved upgrades and refurbishment

Not sure what it is you need? We offer assistance and technical support in the selection and servicing of equipment. Any emergency problems can be dealt with quickly thanks to our Engineer Assistance Hotline.

Contact us and schedule a consultation today; simply call our Service Center (704-332-4552) or fill out our online contact form. For further information and answers to any questions you may have please visit our website (  or call us directly.