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Refurbished Cardiac Cath Lab equipment and Refurbished Angiographic equipment–a time to consider this cost saving alternative
With current economic concerns, many hospitals, clinics, and health systems are searching for ways to cut costs.  Today an aging population often translates to increased cardiac cath and angiographic testing.  In fact, most major medical centers are reporting an increase in radiological imaging equipment usage.   Over time, all radiological imaging equipment wears out or becomes outdated and must be replaced.  Some cath lab and radiology managers that are accustomed to  buying new equipment every 5-7 years are now faced with shrinking capital budgets and longer equipment replacement cycles. This is particularly true for cardiac cath systems and angiographic equipment  purchases where the cost of a new system can be a million dollars or more.
A real cost saving alternative to buying a new cath/angio system is the purchase of a late model refurbished cardiac cath lab system or refurbished angiographic system from Transtate Equipment Co.  Most clinicians are unaware that refurbished cath lab equipment and refurbished angiographic equipment can provide all the latest diagnostic capabilities that new equipment provides. In fact, Transtate’s late model refurbished cath/angio systems employ digital flat detectors which provide superior resolution and diagnostic capability in even difficult obese patients.  Refurbished GE, Philips, and Siemens digital flat detector [refurbished cath lab systems and refurbished angiographic] systems are available for sale.  Transtate’s refurbished cath angio equipment offerings include the following models: Innova 2100, Innova 3100, Innova 4100, ALLURA XPER FD10, ALLURA XPER FD20 and AXIOM Artis.
The Transtate refurbishment process produces a finished product that provides comparable diagnostic quality and reliability to a new system.  Transtate’s refurbishment process starts in our service center where a late model used cath angio system is ”staged” in a service bay.  All subsystems, parts and cabling in that system are thoroughly tested.  All system deficiencies and parts that do not meet OEM specifications are replaced and corrected according to original manufacturer’s specifications.  The system is then professionally painted.  In essence, the completed refurbished system is “like new” upon completion of the refurb process.
Site planning, installation and a full parts and labor warranty is included with the sale of each Transtate refurbished cardiac cath lab system and all refurbished angiographic equipment.  A newly installed, refurbished cath/angio system from Transtate is guaranteed to meet all OEM specifications and when properly maintained is expected to provide years of reliability and high quality diagnostic testing. The cost savings of a refurbished system  is significant.  In fact, the purchase of Transtate refurbished cath lab equipment or refurbished angiographic equipment is less that 50% of the cost of a comparable new system!
So, when the need arises to purchase a new or replacement cath/angio system, you may want to consider a refurbished cardiac cath system  or refurbished angiographic system from Transtate.  Selecting this alternative can lead to significant cost saving benefits, full service maintenance and planning assistance, comparable warranties, and  no significant sacrifice in equipment diagnostic performance and appearance.

Something to consider.

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