Transtate Online Cath System Refurbishment

Transtate provides refurbished X-Ray equipment and cath/angio systems, in addition to on-site repair, for medical clients throughout the United States. We’re home to an impressive array of parts at competitive prices, significantly lower than OEM.
As we have clients in most states, our highly-trained engineers are strategically stationed so that we can respond to technical problems quickly and expertly. Like with our equipment prices, our labor rates are significantly lower than industry standard.
Transtate Cath System Service
Our cath system service incorporates:

  • Removal of old equipment
  • OEM spare parts at discount rates
  • Equipment installation and de-installation
  • Equipment relocation
  • FDA-approved upgrades

If you’re unclear about your exact new equipment requirements, we will happily advise you 24-7. Our Engineer Assistance Hotline means problems can be dealt with promptly.

To schedule a consultation, simply call 800-710-9996 (System Sales).

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