Refurbished Cath/Angio Systems

Transtate is a leading provider of refurbished cath/angio systems and X-ray equipment. Alongside this, we also offer on-site repair servicing, across the USA, and a vast inventory of replacement parts. Our service record can’t be beaten; with engineers based throughout the country, there’s always someone on hand to help. Any emergency problems can be dealt with, quickly, thanks to our Engineer Assistance Hotline. As for spare parts, we have thousands of branded replacement units available. The prices and labor rates are lower than the OEM, too.
Servicing Cath/Angio Systems
Our cath/angio systems servicing offer includes:

  • Equipment relocation
  • Equipment installation and de-installation
  • FDA-approved upgrades and refurbishment
  • OEM spare parts at discount rates
  • Removal of old equipment

We also offer help to those customers who aren’t sure what they need; ask a member of our team about the selection of new equipment, if you’re unclear. Schedule a consultation, today, by filling out our online contact form, or, for further information, find a copy of our Standard Maintenance Policy on the website.

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