Transtate is the Only Place to Buy Refurbished Heart Cath Equipment

If you need to replace a cath/angio system, but don’t have the budget for a new machine, Transtate may have the answer. We specialize in the sale of refurbished systems by such leading companies as Phillips, GE, and Siemens.  Our product line can probably meet your needs.
Of course, you may be concerned that buying a second-hand product means sacrificing quality. Not with Transtate; our product line includes flat detector systems, services for those systems, and parts.
A Heart Cath from Transtate
Transtate has been in the business of providing refurbished heart cath/angio systems since 1998. We offer on-site repair services across the USA, as well as an impressive inventory of branded replacement parts. Got technical problems? We cover those, too, with a support line available.
Take a look at our products online, today, or call the sales department at 800-710-9996.

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