Transtate refurbished cath/angio systems

Refurbished cath/angio systems are shipped US-wide by industry leader Transtate. As one of the largest organizations of our kind in the country, boasting a team with 125+ years’ collective experience, we have an unbeatable offering of cath/angio systems that include GE, Philips, and Siemens systems.

Replacement cath/angio systems

Our warehouse contains over 8,000 replacement parts that can be shipped securely and promptly. In addition, we have Transtate team members strategically positioned throughout the states in order that clients’ needs can be accommodated.

All Transtate parts undergo a rigorous quality assurance process in our advanced testing facility.  What’s more, both our prices and labor rates are significantly less than average market costs.

Transtate makes itself available to customers around the clock via our 24-7 Technical Hotline. We understand that some technical queries can’t wait; a senior engineer is on hand to help.


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