Maximize efficiency and savings

with your cath/angio/CT service.

A Strategic S.T.E.P.  |  An Empowering S.T.E.P.   Your Next S.T.E.P.


Make Transtate your premier parts and service

partner in Cath/Angio/CT.  Specializing in Philips, Siemens, and GE Cath/Angio/CT Systems.





  • Top tier cath/angio/CT engineers
  • Strategically located engineers throughout US
  • Support for hospital engineers, asset management groups, and national service companies.
  • Scaleable, innovative solutions
  • Proactive Maintenance Programs


Tech Support

  • Remote diagnostics for Phillips, Siemens, and GE
  • Technical Support Hotline
  • National support experience
  • Test bays for simulated problem solving


  • Phillips, GE, and Siemens staged systems
  • Dedicated First Responder Training
  • Onsite/Lab Specific Training
  • Classroom and hands on training in test bays


  • All models: Phillips, Siemens, and GE
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Major discounts from List Price
  • In-Stock OEM Glassware Solutions
  • Central and strategically located parts depots




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